Gay Dating vs. Gay Dating
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In this report

Finding a partner whether you are homosexual or hetrosexual is not easy, especially when you are shy, but for the gay and lesbian community it is even harder. They need to know where to go to meet the right people and there is not always a gay bar or club in every town.

So websites like this are a boon because they can openly seek someone who share their sexual preferences and go on several dates. It gives them the chance to find their soulmate with the help of both Chemistry Gay and

Both sites offer free personality tests and free trial membership. Gay has the 6-month Guarantee programme where you can get 6 months free if you don't find love within the first 6 months.

Chemistry Gay goes through every profile carefully before accepting applicants for membership and they organise unique activities which encourage members to flirt with each other, getting to know one another before they actually meet. has an anonymous email facility enabling members to develop relationships at their own pace, but it appears they do this on their own without help apart from the email service.

#1 - Chemistry Gay

Chemistry Gay is a premium offering from and is dedicated to helping members get to know someone on line before they meet face to face.

At Chemistry they accept people for what they are, gay or straight, irrespective of religion, colour or creed. Through their unique activities they encourage members to flirt with each other and get to know them before they meet, in this way the first date is more like the second.

Chemistry Gay is dedicated to helping members to go on great dates that will hopefully lead to a relationship that works for both the individuals involved.

The first step is to take a free Personality Test and the Customer Care Team go through every application carefully before any member is accepted or rejected. For a limited time the successful new applicants are offered free membership of the service, but not all the features of the site are available within this category.

Members need to upgrade to the paid subscription to access all the advantages offered by Chemistry Gay. The price of subscriptions and length of trial period will be sent to new members along with their personalised matches.

If they do not wish to upgrade to becoming a paying member they have to resign before the end of the trial period otherwise they will be automatically charged for membership.

Chemistry Gay have very strict rules about the behaviour of members towards each other and comments made about any other member. These are all laid out in a very clear agreement they have to sign when they join, and if anyone abuses these rules they are automatically expelled and their membership cancelled.

The pros of this Chemistry Gay

  • The Customer Care Team go through every profile before they accept anyone as a member.
  • The site is a closed community for members only so profiles can only be viewed by other members
  • They have firm rules about the behaviour of members so people can feel happy and confident about joining this site.
  • They offer a free personality test and a trial subscription at no cost.

The cons of Chemistry Gay

  • It is only available to residents of the United States of America and not worldwide.

Visit Chemistry Gay

Chemistry Gay Promotion Free Profile + Matches

#2 - Gay Gay is a spin-off from which is a sister site of Chemistry Gay.  Like its sister site they offer members a free trial so they can try out Gay to see if it is right for them before they join.

They also offer a 6-month guarantee programme for members who are seriously looking for love, not those who are casually clicking on to the site. To qualify for the guarantee programme members have to sign up and pay for a 6-month subscription and prove they are serious about finding a long-term partner. They do this by meeting criteria laid down in the Guarantee Programme Terms and Conditions which includes actively using the site.

If they meet all the criteria and have not found love within 6-months from their initial subscription date they will receive an additional 6-months free of charge.

Although this site is considered one of the best sites for the gay and lesbian community they do lag behind Chemistry Gay in terms of membership, having approximately 3,000,000 less gay members.

The reason for this might be because there is no reference to Gay on their website. Even under "other sites" it is not even mentioned, although Match Affinity is.  There are no pictures or success stories from homosexual couples on the site and when you Google match.comgay you just get back to the site.

Eventually I discovered the site gay and lesbian men and women wanting to find a partner needs to log into but I had to search for it. If you click on to it on the site you just get the normal profile form, if you click on to it via the Google search you get "I am a Man (woman) looking for..."

The Pros of Gay are

  • Free profile and free trial
  • Anonymous email facility that enables members to get in touch and develop relationships at their own pace
  • 6-month Guarantee Programme
  • It is a worldwide service covering 16 countries

The Cons of Gay

  • The difficulty in finding the site 
  • You cannot click on to Gay, only
  • There is no reference to Gay anywhere on the site
  • They do not mention anywhere they match up homosexuals, you have to Gooogle it to find out.

Visit Promotion:  Free Profile + Matches

The Bottom Line

Although Gay is reputedly the best site for the gay and lesbian community, it is very difficult to find that out. If you are new to the site there no mention of homosexuals being accepted. Everything is geared to heterosexual couples, even the success stories. if a solo gay or lesbian is looking for love and quite shy they may well be put off this site thinking it is only for straight couples. Gay actively promotes gay relationships with a photograph of two men holding hands. They make it clear from the start they treat people as people and accept everyone on the same site, irrespective of their sexual preference. This is particularly welcoming for shy people and youngsters in their late teens or early twenties who might still be a bit worried about "coming out."

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